Taking Your Brand To The Next Level

Your hard work has finally paid off. You’ve launched your own brand, made your first sale, maybe even your first million, and the wheels you set in motion are on a roll. Is it all you ever wanted? Or do you want more?

If you’re a go-getter like most entrepreneurs, you’d be open to any new opportunity to grow your business. But sometimes the key to adding value to your brand is looking back and fine tuning your foundation. 

This is my checklist for the essentials of a lifestyle brand foundation:

  • Your brand’s purpose
  • Your brand’s advantage
  • Defining your audience
  • Securing the right supply chain for your brand

Think of your foundations as a roadmap to success. If you already have these four bases covered, you’re most likely experiencing the effects of success now. Are you comfortable with staying at this level, or do you want to raise the bar?

When your definition of what success looks like changes, wouldn’t it make sense to also realign your roadmap to make sure it’s pointing at that new destination? 

This checklist will guide you through important points to consider when defining or redefining these key pillars. For a lifestyle brand, value comes from a believable purpose, a resonating competitive advantage, a stronger audience, and a secure supply chain. If you want to learn more about how to shape these pillars for your brand, sign up for the checklist below.

There are many ways to add value to a brand, but I’m telling you this checklist is an undeniable strategy to start heading out in the right direction. I am Ben Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at BamBams, and a 14 year digital marketing and lead generation veteran. I help service small businesses to Fortune 25 clients with strong brand strategy, product development, supply chain management, and digital strategy. I’ve grown businesses over 25% in a single year, in case anyone is looking for inspiration on where to set their new bar for success standards.

Value has different meanings depending on where you are in brand development. Are you looking for more profitability? More reach? More impact? Do you want to set incremental growth goals or shoot straight for the stars?

Patagonia is one of my favorite lifestyle brands and is a key example of a valuable business. From what started out as a small company that made tools for climbers, they became THE lifestyle brand for all the needs of an outdoors enthusiast. They became an icon for industry. Their business is based on a mission statement that lays a clear path to their idea of success:

“Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

When your company’s founding values are set to elevate your business to the ultimate peak of quality and responsibility, every strategy decision has a clear direction to move the business in.

If you don’t add value to your business, you won’t see more value in the return. But before you let yourself get distracted by risky new innovations and groundbreaking strategies, first fill in the gaps of your foundation with value-added ideas and forward-thinking expectations. 

Reevaluate your brand based on my checklist and your new definition of success. Then connect the dots to reveal a path that takes you to the next level, from successful to iconic. Sign up for the checklist now and start discovering how to shape and define your foundation to build a more valuable brand.

Are you ready to get a headstart on building a more valuable lifestyle brand? You can get my free checklist here!

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